Blancmange, Wanderlust. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Even in the act of the upbeat and positively engaging, there is always the beauty of the sudden and dramatic turn which leads the voyeur of art to appreciate the darker aspects of the performer’s work, an undertaking in which the sculpted metaphor of rhythm and rhyme cultivates a need to express itself in a way that is strangely familiar, but at the same time different, an altered perception of the reality that many would have been used to.

Doctor Who: Rosa. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Vinette Robinson, Joshua Bowman, Trevor White, Richard Lothian, Jessica Claire Preddy, Gareth Marks, David Rubin, Ray Sesay, Aki Omoshaybi, David Dukas, Morgan Deare.

Doctor Who has arguably never been better than when it deals with the issues of our own history, for all the aliens that crowd and jostle for the audience’s attention, for all the elements of science fiction that is associated with the writing, it is to Earth’s history in which the programme excels. For what else can an alien traveller do but show us how at times, we as a species, are as alien to each other by our actions and deeds, our thoughts and the ugly side of our personalities?

Renowned Multi-National Jazz Trio Come To The Capstone Theatre This Halloween.

On Wednesday 31st October (7.30pm) innovative piano trio Phronesis include Liverpool’s Capstone Theatre as part of their U.K. tour in promotion of their latest album We Are All.

Formed in 2005, the energy and individuality of Phronesis comes from an extraordinary democracy of expression and intuitive empathy between the musicians. They have performed widely across Europe and taken their engaging grooves, irresistible rhythmic energy and breathtaking group interplay to concert stages and festivals across the world from Morocco to Brazil and Australia to North America, where the trio returned in the summer of 2017 for a tour of seven jazz festivals.

LoveHistory Promise A Fright Night To Remember With Chamber Of Horrors Returning Next Week.

Prepare to go on a chilling journey in to the dark depths of St. George’s Hall when LoveHistory return next week with the spine-tingling, fright-night spectacular – Chamber of Horrors: Gallows Eve just in time for Halloween!

After the success of the previous Chamber of Horrors events in 2016 and 2017 it is back bigger, better, and more terrifying than ever before from Saturday 27th – Wednesday 31st October featuring brand new themes for the occasion.

As well as reliving gory scenes from some of Hollywood’s scariest blockbusters, 2018 will also see the introduction of all new suspense filled stories, retelling the chilling events of those lost souls sent to the gallows at St. George’s Hall.

Ace Frehley, Spaceman. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 7/10

At some point, we have all perhaps looked up at the seemingly cold stars and wished that we could visit the strange, alien worlds that circle the long distant suns, that we could all be pioneers in the dark void that separates us from the rest of the Universe. For many of us we can never say our occupation is being an astronaut, but for those of us who will never see the raw, unfiltered light of our own Sun as it hangs in space, at least Ace Frehley will always be considered amongst the pinnacle of those who can say, I am the Spaceman.

Troilus & Cressida, Theatre Review. R.S.C., Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Gavin Fowler, Amber James, Oliver Ford Davis, Adjoa Andoh, Andy Apollo, James Cooney, Suzanne Bertish, Jim Hooper, Theo Ogundipe, Daniel Burke, Sheila Reid, Andrew Langtree, Amanda Harris, Daniel Hawksford, Geoffrey Lumb, Daisy Badger, Charlotte Arrowsmith, Ewart James Walters, Leigh Quinn, Mikhail Sen, Gabby Wong, Helen Grady, Esther McAuley, Nicole Agada.

Advertised as Shakespeare meets Mad Max, this production of Troilus & Cressida by the Royal Shakespeare Company brings together more traditionally garbed Trojans with motorcycle riding, metallic Greeks, accentuating what is described in the programme notes as a play that embraces contradictions, rather than flattening them.

Winter’s End (No Sign Of Spring).


It is the long day before,

the cruel winter of bare tree thought

has plagued me since

the start of September’s fallen

and I find my reasoning

has deserted me, the fear

of your constant rejection

moulding me into the man I am.

The soulless winter

in my life, you

couldn’t touch the spring in which

you rallied against,

you ignored me,

I found it was easier

to live without you

and I told you such

when my old Queen died.

Homotopia Gets Ready To Rock And Shock Liverpool This Autumn.

I Will Survive Theme For Liverpool’s LGBT+ Festival. 

Homotopia 2018 is just a fortnight away and final preparations are being made for this year’s fabulous festival.

The festival, now in its 15th year, is an annual celebration of local, national and international LGBT+ arts and culture.

This year’s Homotopia runs from Friday 2nd November – Saturday 1st December with a programme bursting with exciting and eclectic events and appearances at venues across Liverpool.

The theme of the 2018 event is I Will Survive.

Country Music Legend Charlie Landsborough To visit Parr Hall On His Farewell Tour.

Country music legend Charlie Landsborough will be calling at Parr Hall next year on an extensive farewell tour.

Known as the U.K.’s premier country music singer, Charlie plans to hang up his guitar, and retire from touring to concentrate on writing and recording music.

The musician’s live shows transcend country music and encompass beautiful ballads, folk, blues, rock n roll, pop, gospel and anthems, which goes some way to explaining his popularity.

Winner of “Best Songwriter”, – “Best Song”, – “Best Male Vocalist” and “International Country Album”, Charlie’s talent and chart-topping records received the ultimate recognition in 2011 when he was inducted into the British Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Lantern Company Presents ‘The Secret Winter Garden’ At Croxteth Hall.

Step through a magic doorway and discover The Secret Winter Garden all aglow at Croxteth Hall – a brand new winter lights event, brought to you by the Lantern Company.

Fun lovers and families are invited to step into the beautiful Victorian surroundings of Croxteth Hall and Gardens this December, where a magical, illuminated adventure awaits.

Lantern Company, renowned for their extraordinary illuminated events and parades the world over, are back in town with a brand-new illuminations extravaganza called The Secret Winter Garden – created especially for Croxteth Hall. The event has been made possible by support from Liverpool City Council.