The Wedding, Theatre Review. Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Performers: Lucia Chocarro, Fionn Cox-Davies, Chris Evans, Madeleine Fairminer, Anna Finkel, Amit Lahav, Katie Lusby, Ryen Perkins-Gangnes, Uros Petronijevic, Dan Watson, Kenny Wing Tao Ho.

We are all slaves to one kind of dance or another, even the most freest of souls have to answer to some faceless leader who marks out the time between the tick and the tock with a sense of rhythm, from birth to the time of our death, we are married to life, to a job, to the system, and it is only over time that we lose the affection for the wedding dress and the all trimmings we associate with ignorance and purity and begin to see the faceless ones who call the tune as nothing more than puppets themselves.

Port Cities, Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

When one thinks of Canada, one might find the mind wandering through dense forests in which the native tribes that called the country their own observed with care, with respect. One might think of the rugged coast lines, of fairness, of opportunity, of the pioneering spirit that arguably went beyond what the European settlers carved out as they punched holes into the very nature and balance, of great men and women who have sewn their name into the fabric of a country that is now over a 150 years old in name, of towns such as Hamilton, of Toronto and the great Port Cities.

Gareth Owen, Rolling By. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

In the realms that the poet walks, what they seek is the proof of existence that only shaking the hands of Time can provide; a poet it seems does not, or at least should not take the idea of money as payment for their wares, but should seek pleasure in the way that what they observe is forever handed down and sang to the ages with a sense of harmony and the discourse of entropy all in one beautifully imagined moment.

Endeavour: Passenger. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Shaun Evans, Roger Allam, Sean Rigby, Anton Lesser, Dakota Blue Richards, Lewis Peek, James Bradshaw, Abigail Thaw, Sara Vickers, Caroline O’ Neil,  Simon Scardifield, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Lydea Perkins, Judy Clifton, John Biggins, Edwin Thomas, Rosalie Craig, Simon Harrison, Thomas Coombes, Colin Mace, Hadley Fraser, Celeste Dodwell, Nicola Millbank, Justin Edwards, Jason Hall, Lizzy Watts, Mark Asante, Claire Ganaye, Leon Stewart.

Reinhard Kleist, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: An Art Book. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

At its very best, Art should pull you into the subject at hand and make you feel like an invisible voyeur, a sense of the celestial moving silently through the void but touching upon the heavenly and the fire in that other place with equal charm and fondness; the Artist and Art, sometimes indecipherable, indistinguishable, often being drawn in the same breath and with same feeling of mysterious beauty thrown in for good measure.

A Biography.

I read

your biography, hand stamped

and correction liquid filled

till the paper stuck like glue

and the pictures,

all glory, had your head

on the shoulders of giants.

I heard your authorised memoir

through my ears and the hairs

wilted under the pressure, singed

by facts and figures

quoted by this somewhere man

whose ego arrives an hour

before his life;

I took your words and I let them blow away

into the sunset, a history, not secret,

no tale too tall which you could

Glenn Hughes Announces October 2018 Tour Of Deep Purple Material.

Glenn Hughes, the former bassist and singer of Deep Purple, known to millions as the ‘Voice of Rock’, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and the current front man for rock super group Black Country Communion, is pleased to announce that he will be performing Deep Purple only material with his “GLENN HUGHES PERFORMS CLASSIC DEEP PURPLE LIVE” nationwide U.K. tour in October 2018.

The nine date tour, which starts at the Bristol Academy on Tuesday 2nd October, promises to be a dynamic, turn-back-the-clocks, two-hour live extravaganza homage to his tenure in MK 3 and MK 4 incarnations of Deep Purple – one of music history’s most seminal and influential rock and roll groups.

Liverpool Fringe’s Inaugural 24 Hour Play Festival Set To Challenge A Team Of Six.

Have you ever wanted to see 24 actors, 6 directors and 6 writers sweat like their lives depended on it? In the name of supporting the Liverpool Fringe Festival, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing on the 2nd March and you can have the enjoyment of watching all the thrills and spills of their efforts.

At 10pm on the 2nd of March, 24 actors, 6 writers and 6 directors will meet in a room, legs trembling nerves dangling, for Liverpool Fringe’s inaugural 24 hour play festival. They’ll be set one challenge, in a team six, consisting of a writer, director and four actors, to write, rehearse and perform a piece of theatre within 24 hour.

The Bad Flowers, Gig Review. Asylum 2, Birmingham.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

The Bad Flowers at Asylum 2, Birmingham. Photograph reproduced with kind permission by Mark Varney and Noble PR.

If you are not ready, focused and with your eyes trained on the 10 yards beyond the finishing line then no matter how hard you try, you won’t hear the Starting Gun and before you know it that finishing line has been reached and the possible enjoyment, the statement of intent and your mark upon the world has been sabotaged by your own reluctance to see how great you could have been.

Those Damn Crows, Gig Review. Asylum 2, Birmingham.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Those Damn Crows at Asylum 2, Birmingham. February 2018. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

The dragon lives long and breathes fire that catches everything around it alight, the initial spark that comes from the belly of the beast is soon glowing furnace hot and finds a way to demonstrate its wrath. The anger at having been penned in by a society that understands nothing of why the burning issues of the day are important, why just because one person is doing alright, that another should be ridiculed and shamed for not being able to see above the shoulders of those above them.