Lusterlit, List of Equipment. E.P. Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Inspiration comes from anywhere, from the soul of ant creating a structure of tunnels so elaborate that it motivates the prisoner of war to dig through mounds of dirt and dust to escape his fate, through to the long worked on novel, a dedicated life’s work and shivered over as the worry of expectation over its prospects, and finding solace in the arms of a film maker wishing to take it on as his next blockbuster.

Old Punk Eddie.

There are days I remember

how old I am

and all that has gone,

floated down stream

and now poisons the oceans,

I remember the punk


waiting to jump Maggie

and take the self styled Iron

Lady down,

in picture form,


those memories

are the ones that

make me smile the


Ian D. Hall 2017

A Whole World Of Magic Set To Cast Spell Over The Epstein Theatre.

Audiences of The Epstein Theatre simply won’t believe their eyes this September, with three incredible performances of unmissable magic including World Stars of Magic and Abracadabra taking place Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September.

World Stars of Magic is an exciting and fast-moving family show featuring some of the world’s greatest magicians, with two performances across the Friday and Saturday evening.

From the London Palladium to Hollywood’s Magic Castle and the Comedy Store to Channel 4’s Countdown, for over 30 years Paul Zenon, the U.K.’s top trickster has brought his unique combination of trickery and stand up to the stages and screens of around 40 countries worldwide.

Rebecca Ferguson Is Back In Liverpool As She Announces February 2018 Tour.

After coming runner-up on the seventh series of U.K.’s The X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson has not been short of success since her first appearance on the reality television show in 2010. Having co-written her record-breaking debut album Heaven, and going on to release a further three follow-ups, Rebecca has proven herself to be a recording artist with a passion for her craft that is second to none.

Released in 2011, Heaven, was a critical and commercial success selling 128,000 copies in its first week and peaked at No. 3 in the U.K. Official Charts, making her the fastest-selling debut solo artist of the past decade (2007-2017).

Not The Horse, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Nick Sheedy, Michael Hawkins, Warren Kettle, Tom Silverton, Freddie Johnson, Adam Nicholls, Michael J. Treanor, Niall Hogan, Phil Bulman, Calen Griffin, Callum Forbes, Daniel Carmichael.

Straight up black comedy has the major issue of sometimes alienating those that dare take in a night of theatre; the unsuspecting audience not quite aware of what to expect, the references, the journey to a different place and one in which darkness prevails, the under culture of which many are drawn because it allows for a different kind of narrative to be explored.

Discolor Blind, Long Vivid Dream. E.P. Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The Long Vivid Dream opens up before the listener as if it were the prelude to an awakening, the moment where the mind is unawares of whether it is still in the hands of Morpheus or wit has somehow fallen for the charms of the dramatic day ahead, the crystal clear clarity that comes with the walk through Hell or the gamble of seeing Heaven. The Long Vivid Dream is such that its powerful feeling of melancholy is overwhelmingly familiar, especially to those that have held hands with the vision that their dream visits upon.

53 Bus, Big Beat (Texas Radio).

Their faces look down upon screens

as the 53 rattles to the touch

of two fingers of my right hand,

keeping tune with the song

rolling round my mind,

late night bus home, a few

stare my way and I allow the curl

of a semi smile to come to my aid,

lips spread wide and the fingers hit out

at the rhythm at hand,

it could be anything,

it might have been a local star

of beautiful seduction,

perhaps Thom Morecroft or dear sweet

Living The Dream.

People have weird dreams,

‘tis all I’m saying,

not making assumptions

but if my dreams are anything to go by,

that holiday home in the South

of France, sipping shelled grapes

and eating croissants for breakfast,

that expensive car, worth more

than the house they live in,

and still only capable of

listening to Classic F.M.

when the signal is weak;

they say, Living the dream,

I daren’t tell them mine,

having been seduced by glamour’s women

on my worn out sofa,

Hollywood starlet, fighting

R&B Legend Alexander O’Neal Comes to Warrington’s Parr Hall This November.

Securing his name in the R&B history books, Alexander O’Neal is one of the genres most iconic names. With chart smash Criticize lighting up dance floors across the world thirty years after its release, his sound has transcended generations.

Originally released in 1987 from his album Hearsay, the single recently entered the U.K. charts once more. Signed by Prince back in the early days as part of The Time his journey in and out of various band formations propelled him to be the solo artist that audiences best know him for today.

Get Off The Ground And Join Phileas Fogg In A Trip Around The World This Summer.


Join Off the Ground Theatre this coming summer on the original global adventure, Around the World in 80 Days. Phileas Fogg believes the world can be circumnavigated in record time, but the fellows at the Reform Club disagree. After a snap decision and a bet of £20,000, Fogg is on his way.

With his trusty servant Passepartout, he negotiates ships, steamers and railways, tackling elephants, angry savages, human sacrifices and American elections en route, all while being chased by the finest officers of Scotland Yard. Nothing fazes Mr. Fogg and his stiffest of British upper lips. He has accounted for everything – except what he might learn about himself on the way…